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Sharing the Wealth: Obama’s Tax Reform and Jewish Communal Taxation

This week, President Obama revealed his plan to decrease the federal deficit. One of the President’s proposals is to get rid of tax cuts that benefit high-income households, resulting in those people paying more taxes. This idea is based in part on promoting fairness in taxation and adhering to the “Buffett Rule,” which (as succinctly described by the Obama Administration) states that “no household making over $1 million annually should pay a smaller share of its income in taxes than middle class families pay.”(1)

One of the stated goals of the President’s tax reform plan is to help out those less financially fortunate (i.e. the middle class) by making the tax system “fairer, simpler and more progressive.”(2) From the standpoint of American fiscal policy there is certainly much room to debate the prudence of the proposed tax reform and whether the rich should contribute a greater percentage of their wealth to society. From a Torah perspective though, it is clear that the more wealth a person accrues, the greater is his obligation to benefit those in need and society at large. Continue reading


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