Business Secrets in the Talmud?

A recent article reveals that many Chinese are under the impression that the Talmud contains business advice that has enabled Jews to be successful businessmen throughout the centuries. After a quick search online, I also found that there are a number of English books based on that premise as well. (I don’t recommend any of those books, and I doubt they have any legitimacy to them.)

While the Talmud is much more than a business manual, there are some examples of Talmudic sages providing financial advice. For instance, Rabbi Yitzchak said (Bava Metzia 42a), “A person should always divide his money into three: one-third should be invested in land; another third in commerce; and the last third should be held in liquid assets.” For an elaboration of this notion, see this article from the “Jewish Ethicist.”


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  1. The Japanese also had a belief like this about the Jews. That was one of the motivations for the Fugu Plan.

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